COVID-Compliant Rehearsals to Start from Tuesday 22nd September

STATEMENT 1st November, 2020

Yesterday, the government announced a second lockdown across England between 5th November – 2nd December.

This means that we cannot meet between these dates and so… our rehearsals are suspended once again.

When it is viable, safe and responsible to recommence rehearsals, we will do so – this may be after 2nd December and before Christmas or in January 2021 or later.

Please watch this space and follow our Facebook page to be kept up to date. Those who have returned for our few wonderful rehearsals – THANK YOU! For your support, your respect of our control measures, your loyalty and your lovely voices!  

STATEMENT 4th September, 2020

The DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) updated the Performing Arts guidance on 13th August to confirm that non-professionals can now engage in all performing arts activities, including singing, wind and brass.

As a result of that announcement and because the Waveney Centre is a COVID-secure venue, Beccles Community Choir restarted physical COVID-compliant rehearsals on Tuesday 22nd September!

Please note that there is a STRICT MAXIMUM of 28 people allowed to attend each rehearsal.
Therefore, it is essential that you book a place if you wish to attend.

If you have not yet attended one of our COVID-compliant rehearsals, please read “Control Measures” underneath this online booking form BEFORE entering your details and clicking SUBMIT.


Rehearsals suspended


In addition to the Control Measures that the Waveney Centre has implemented, Beccles Community Choir will be introducing the following these additional measures:

Prior to the first rehearsal you come to, please advise Stephen whether you are a: 

  • High risk individual
  • Moderate risk individual
  • Low risk individual (those who do not fall within the high or moderate risk category)

Link to the definition of High and Moderate risk individuals HERE


  1. Do you have any of the symptoms: elevated temperature (above 37.8°c), continuous cough, loss of smell and taste?
  2. Have you been in close contact with someone with symptoms?
  3. Have NHS Track & Trace asked you to self-isolate?
  4. Have you returned from abroad and been asked to self-isolate?

…If the answer to any of these is yes, you will need to stay away.

Link to the current guidance on self-isolation HERE


  • Since we will have fire exits and doors open throughout the entire session (to ensure that the centre is “well ventilated”), you may want to bring a coat or jumper along to wear.
  • Please bring your own lyrics and music sheets to each session. 
    There is a link at the bottom of this page to access the list of songs that we will be covering and to download and print any lyrics that you do not have. 
    If you are unable to print lyrics at home, please let me know – I can supply lyrics for you but will need to distribute them wearing gloves (in line with our COVID-19 risk assessment).
  • Please bring a mask with you and wear it for arrival at the Waveney Centre, during break-time, for toilet visits and when you leave. (we will not wear masks whilst singing).
    If you cannot wear a mask due to a health condition, please advise Stephen.
  • No drinking water will be available at rehearsal – please bring your own bottle.
  • Please bring your own pen or pencil if you wish to make notes on your lyric sheets.
  • If you have booked a place and find that you are unable to attend, please make sure that you contact Stephen so that your place can be made available for somebody else.


  • There is a one-way system in place at the Waveney Centre. Upon arrival, please turn right after you pass the metal gate near the front door and follow the alleyway round where you can enter through the patio doors at the rear of the centre.
  • After rehearsals have finished, all choir members are to exit via the usual main entrance.
  • We can now take payment by card or phone! To avoid anybody having to handle cash, we have a machine which can take either contactless payment by Phone or Debit Card or Chip & Pin.
  • If you do want to by cash, please deposit correct attendance fee (£4) into the payment tub on the main table by the entrance, making payment with correct amount of cash (no change can be given).
  • Hand sanitising stations are placed around the Waveney Centre – please use them upon arrival, during break-time, before departure and after any visit to the toilets.


  • Chairs will be situated with spacing of 1-metre width and 3-metre depth. Please do not move or re-position chairs.
  • Singing may only happen whilst facing forward. 
  • Please try to avoid touching any shared surfaces. All chairs, door handles, toilets and touchpoints will be disinfected prior to and after rehearsal.
  • The Waveney centre will be kept well ventilated with patio doors remaining open throughout the session.
  • To ensure that we keep as ventilated as we can, the sessions will comprise 2x 30-minutes of singing separated by a break-time.
  • …which will take place within the gardens outside. During the break, please wear a mask and observe social distancing of 2-metres. 
  • I will take a register as part of the Track & Trace procedure, keeping details for 21 days and then shredding them.


  • If you fall ill after attending a rehearsal, contact your GP to arrange to get tested for COVID and contact Stephen immediately.
  • If NHS Track & Trace contact you and ask you to self-isolate, please advise Stephen immediately.


Please make your own decision about whether you are happy to return – there is no pressure for you to do so if you have any health concerns about being in public. 
The aim of these measures are to keep us all safe whilst singing together and to supply you with the information about how we will conduct our rehearsals so that you have the confidence to make an informed decision about whether it is appropriate for you to return to choir yet.
However, measures cannot reduce the risk to zero – if you book a space and click SUBMIT you confirm that you understand this. 


Human beings are instinctively tactile and sociable – we are all sure to have a very steep learning curve as we try and remain mindful and respectful of these mitigation procedures. 
These measures are not something intended to embarrass anybody if we breach them. We won’t have an atmosphere of finger-pointing or whistle blowing if anybody accidentally forgets themselves momentarily – we are likely to all need to encourage each other to build new habits. 
However, in order to give confidence for people to return as well as to try and ensure the safety of all members, all attendees must be willing to comply with the measures above and those on our COVID-19 risk assessment. 
By booking a space and clicking SUBMIT, you confirm that you are willing to follow these steps.


Stephen 07909 510976


Beccles Community Choir COVID-19 Risk Assessment
Link to local Coronavirus data HERE
Link to Government guidance on local lockdowns HERE