Beccles Community Choir was founded by singer and community musician Stephen Amer.

The choir started life as a singing for wellbeing project run by Stephen on behalf of Suffolk Libraries. The aim of the project was to make singing and music accessible to anybody, whether experienced performers, people who had never sung before or individuals lacking in self-confidence or self-esteem.

Meeting weekly for 6 weeks, the group were invited to perform the songs they had been practicing at the Beccles Christmas Fayre to celebrate their progression and achievements.

Having enjoyed the experience so much, this group of people who had made music, formed friendships and built on their sense of community were sad to think they would no longer be joining together in song again…
…..and so ‘Beccles Community Choir’ was re-launched in February, 2011.


…the choir has between 30-50 people attend regularly who all enjoy using music to benefit our health in a variety of ways, including to improve posture, learn breathing exercises for relaxation and energising techniques and making friends.

Beccles Community Choir is celebrating 11 years of running as a long-term singing for wellbeing project and health choir under the banner of creative arts organisation The Voice cLoud CIC, of which Stephen is a director.

The choir continues to be available to Beccles residents (as well as those living further afield) to explore how skills learned in music can be used for positive impact in other areas of life. The choir comprises members who all share a passion for singing and who are motivated to find ways of exploring the benefits of singing together.

Why don’t you join us?